幼い頃よりゴスペルに親しむ。ジャズボーカルを佐野智英子氏、故六角幸夫氏に師事。代々木ナルオーデション受賞を機にプロ活動開始。その後渡米しJannet Hammer氏に師事、2009年に帰国後は都内、横浜を中心にステージを重ね、ジャズファンのみならず多くのリスナーを魅了する。 2012年ミニアルバムNo One Elseをリリース。タワーレコード渋谷店ジャズ部門月間売り上げトップに。人を想う気持ち、愛しいと想う気持ち…彼女が大切にしているその思いは、活き活きとリズムにのって、その詩の一言一言、丁寧に私たちを暖かく優しく包んでくれる。

She has been familiar with gospel music since childhood. She studied jazz vocals under Chieko Sano and the late Yukio Rokkaku. Since winning the Yoyogi NARU Audition, she began her professional career. She flew to the United States to study under Jannet Hammer and returned to Japan in 2009, performing mainly in Tokyo and Yokohama, captivating not only jazz fans but also a wide range of listeners. In 2012, she released her mini-album "No One Else," which became a top-selling jazz record at Tower Records in Shibuya. Her passion and dedication to music are evident in every note she sings, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all who hear her.